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Located in Heidelberg, 11 km northeast of the Melbourne CBD, our practice is owned and managed by a partnership of audiologists, dedicated to providing the best quality care of your individual hearing needs, since 1980.

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We have extensive experience in hearing assessment and the fitting/fine-tuning of contemporary hearing aids. Our practice has a strict ethical policy, and is not associated with any manufacturer or large corporation, allowing a fully independent choice of hearing aids and services. We specialise in tinnitus, hyperacusis, acoustic shock and central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) evaluation, therapy and research.

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20th November 2017, 4:00pm

A selective auditory attention brain training audiogame makes it possible to hear distinguish speech in noisy backgrounds with greater ease, a new study reports. In fact, after playing the game, hearing impaired elderly people correctly made out identified 25 percent more words in the presence of high levels of background noise. Those improvements reflect better use of cognitive resources. Unfortunately, those benefits didn’t persist in the absence of continuing practice, the researchers report. http://ow.ly/4P6N30gif6n

17th November 2017, 4:00pm

We want to make hearing aids as accessible as possible, by keeping our prices fair, and usually below the industry average. We offer hearing aids covering a range of technical sophistication and cost.

Our philosophy is to provide audiological services in an independent private practice setting, with strict consideration of the ethics involved. http://ow.ly/8EyO30gieZa

15th November 2017, 4:00pm

Do you end the day overwhelmingly tired or fatigued from straining to hear your colleagues or family? Have you found it hard to determine what someone is saying to you in a noisy environment? You might have a hearing loss. If you are concerned, get yourself checked! http://ow.ly/nnII30gieTX

13th November 2017, 4:00pm

Breaking the stigma of hearing aids is so important. Shari’s hearing loss started in her mid 20’s, and like her father, she was ashamed to wear her hearing aids. When Shari had children who could potentially inherit her hearing loss, she decided to change, and now wears them proudly. Read about her story here: http://ow.ly/B12r30gieLA

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Hearing loss is common, particularly as you become older, and is difficult to self diagnose. Those at risk include musicians, industrial workers and shooters.

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Hearing aid maintenance

Hearing aid maintenance

Maintenance tools, including a moisture absorbent kit, are provided as part of your hearing aid fitting package. For care instructions download the link.

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