Audiology Australia

Audiologists in Australia are represented professionally by Audiology Australia Ltd. Audiology Australia (previously The Audiological Society of Australia) was founded in 1968 and has a current membership of nearly 2000 member audiologists. Audiology Australia requires evidence of a Master's of Audiology degree (or equivalent) with a major in Audiology to be eligible for their full membership. Audiology Australia members have agreed to practise audiology in accordance with the Audiology Australia Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of Practice.

Independent Audiologists Australia

Independent Audiologists Australia (previously The Australian Association of Audiologists in Private Practice) is a network of independent audiologists throughout Australia. IAA assists members to continually strive to provide excellence in hearing care through education, networking and support of independent private audiological practices.

Tinnitus Association of Victoria

The Tinnitus Association of Victoria is a non-profit volunteer organisation providing a support network for tinnitus sufferers and their families.

Tinnitus Australia

Tinnitus Australia is a network of collective medical and allied health organisations.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Association

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT), uses a combination of low level, broad-band noise and counseling to achieve the habituation of tinnitus, that is the patient is no longer aware of their tinnitus, except when they focus their attention on it, and even then tinnitus is not annoying or bothersome.

Word of Mouth Technology

Based on personal experience and a long association with organisations involved with the Deaf and hearing impaired community, WOM has developed a range of products and services such as induction loops, infrared/FM systems, teletext decoders/VCRs, visual and vibrating alert systems, to name a few specifically designed to cater for the needs of our clients.

Menieres Australia

A resource and information site for Meniere's Disease, including causes and diagnosis, treatment, management and support.

The Australian Tinnitus Association

The Australian Tinnitus Association (NSW)'s mission is to provide information, support and counselling to tinnitus sufferers and preventative education to the wider community.

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